October 2019

We share the main achievements of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform in the following areas:

  • Constitutionalism;
  • Governance and public administration;
  • Judiciary;
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Anti-Corruption.



According to the experts, referendum on the abolition of the moratorium on land sales violates property rights
During the discussion “Land Reform Referendum: Possible? Advisable?” Julia Kyrychenko stressed the impossibility of holding a referendum on issues that do not provide a clear “yes” or “no” answer and the lack of practical effect in advisory referendums.


A weaker Ukrainian parliament and de facto presidential system? Zelensky’s constitutional reform initiatives
Julia Kyrychenko analized Zelensky’s constitutional reform initiatives.




The Verkhovna Rada Restarts Judicial Reform with Some Remaining Shortcomings – Roman Kuibida
Roman Kuybida comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the Draft Law No.1008 approved by the Parliament.


Political points


  • Draft Law on Judicial Governance Reform Prepared for Second Reading: Substantial Changes, Shortcomings,Controversies


  • Draft law submitted by the President does not solve the problem of overload of the Supreme Court
  • Profile parliamentary committeedid not support the draft law on eliminating the corruption scheme in the field of registration of information on real estate appraisal reports

(No. 2047)


  • President appointed a new competition to select a member of the High Council of Justice
  • Investigation of the "Maidan cases" may be suspended
  • Summary of the Conclusion on the draft Law of Ukraine «On Amendments to the Economic Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Procedure to improve the review of court decisions in appeal and cassation procedures» (No. 2314)