Analytical Review

Every month and week experts of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform analyse the most important and up-to-date processes and events over Ukraine in the following areas:

Information materials that are regularly published on the CPLR website:

  • Weekly political analysis of the main events in the state in the political and legal sphere;
  • Monthly newsletter - an analytical review of key events in Ukraine in the political and legal areas, which is important to raise the level of expert knowledge of Ukrainian citizens, the international community and government officials. One of the main tasks of the information material is to strengthen the capacity of citizens and representatives of international organizations to influence the state authorities in Ukraine in order to accelerate democratic reforms and establish good governance.
  • Monthly Digest - A review of the activities of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reforms for the last month, which includes the following components:
  1. Public events organized by the CPLR or attended by the representatives of the CPLR;
  2. News from experts - articles and columns in media and on the website of the Centre, interviews and comments for the media;
  3. Analytics - published publications of the CPLR, reports, sociological surveys, expert opinions on draft laws/laws, etc.;
  4. Statements of the Cplr, including those published jointly with other NGOs/coalitions;
  5. Announcements the Centre activities for the next month.


To receive a periodical analysis of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reforms on a weekly or monthly basis, please write an e-mail to media@pravo.org.ua.