Administrative services / The centers of administrative services

Over the last decade the culture of communication between citizens and officials in Ukraine has begun to actively develop and gradually move to a new quality level. Despite significant progress, the fight against bureaucracy in the area of provision of administrative services is still ongoing. What problem we have and how to solve them?

24 december 2015

Assessment of centres for administrative services provision (CASPS) in 40 Ukrainian cities

Survey was carried out by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF) during the period from November 17, 2015 through November 26, 2015 to the order of Centre for policy and legal reform within the UNDP projects “Smart Practices for Oversight by Non-State Actors on Administrative Service Provision” and “Democratization, human rights and civil society development”

15 july 2015

Is the centre for administrative services really more effective and convenient for citizens?

Kyiv, June 2015: The analytical report to compare two models of the administrative service provision was issued in framework of the UNDP/EU project “Smart Practices for Oversight by Non-State Actors on Administrative Service Provision”. In this report, the NGO “Centre for Political and Legal Reforms” serving as the Resource Centre for the civil society organisations on the issues of administrative services reform has compared the one-stop-shop centres for administrative service provision vs their provision by the offices of various central bodies of state authorities. Check out the report to find out which model is more effective.

12 june 2013

Foreign experience of vehicle registration: useful lessons for Ukraine

The latest in reform within administrative services in Ukraine stipulates the creation of one-stop-shops. These locations throughout the country are united offices where citizens can get most administrative services without having to go to each government body separately.

3 november 2011

About the conference on the centers of administrative services

The conference became the fifth large event on the subject of one-stop-shops, held by above-mentioned organizations for the last two years. The conference took place in Tatariv village of the Ivano-Frankivsk region and in Ivano-Frankivsk city with the visit of local Centre of administrative services (hereinafter CNAP).