The mission of the Center of Policy and Legal Reform is to facilitate institutional reforms in Ukraine for strengthening democracy, rule of law, and good governance.

Activity areas

  • Constitutionalism.
  • Governance and public administration.
  • Judiciary.
  • Criminal justice.
  • Anti-corruption.
  • Civil society development.

Reform in action

CPLR is an active organization. Over the years we have applied a number of different means in order to achieve our goal of meaningful political and legal reform. They have generally fallen into four categories:

1. Policy development and support of the policy cycle

  • problem detection within democratic development;
  • examination of the problems;
  • analytical prediction;
  • development of reform concept;
  • drafting of law or other legal act;
  • participation in state commissions on the draft of law;
  • initiation of public campaign in support of implementing the policy by authorities;
  • monitoring realization of the policy;
  • examination of the outputs of law or other legal act.

2. Research work

  • aiming at finding and theoretical argumentation of necessary changes;
  • writing manuals, monographs, articles other publications;
  • assisting in translation and publicizing of outstanding works of American and European Legal science;
  • translation and publicizing foreign laws that could be useful in development of Ukrainian legislation;
  • giving legal positions on requests of judges of Constitutional Court of Ukraine;
  • preparing an expert opinions on requests of ministries, others authorities.

3. Educational work

  • aiming at mobilization of stakeholders to solve a problem of democracy development or aiming at teaching specific target audience;
  • holding conferences, seminars, roundtables on some issue;
  • conducting press conferences; participation in TV programs on these problems;
  • analytical essays for press;
  • conducting trainings on specific applied questions (for example electronic document flow in public bodies, etc);
  • preparing short practical manuals and spreading them between citizens about their rights in court, in relations with officials and so on.

4. Public monitoring

  • monitoring the actions of authorities on compliance with Constitution and liabilities of European integration;
  • monitoring court decisions;
  • monitoring of development of public law;
  • publication regular reports on the results of the monitoring;
  • providing commentaries with legal assessment of political decisions for mass-media.