Key achievements of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform for the last 21 years


  1. Participation in the creation of the final draft of the Concept of administrative reform in Ukraine. The concept was approved by the President of Ukraine in 1998.
  2. Development of the draft Law “On local public administrations”. The law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in 1999.
  3. Participation in the development of the Law “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”. CPLR made efforts to promote the law as early as 1996. Eight times the law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada but the President vetoed it every time. Finally the law was passed by both the Verkhovna Rada and the President in 2008. Unfortunately, in 2010 the law was essentially spoiled by amendments made for merely political reasons.
  4. Development in 2002 of the draft Law “On central executive bodies” followed by a long advocacy campaign for its adoption. It was adopted in 2011 but the law contained changes that decreased its possible positive effect.
  5. Participation in advocacy campaign for Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada transparency (1998–2002). CPLR took a direct role in filling the web-site www.zakon.gov.ua with bills adopted in the Verkhovna Rada at a time when the information about bills was not available on the Verkhovna Rada website.
  6. Development of the Concept of the establishment of administrative courts system in Ukraine and participation in development of Code of Administrative Justice that was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in 2005. The Code introduced the system of administrative courts and administrative procedure.
  7. Development of a draft Law “On access to judicial decisions” which was adopted in 2005. The Law envisaged establishment of Unified State Register of courts’ decisions. The Law introduced the unique in Europe free national portal which made most decision of domestic courts open to the public.
  8. Development of the Concept of judicial reform and the draft Law “On judicial system and status of judges” (A version of the draft was adopted in 2010 but unfortunately it was so distorted that it had a negative impact at judicial system).
  9. Preparation of the draft Law“On access to public information” in 2008 followed by a wide and successful advocacy campaign of NGOs and media resulting in its adoption in 2011. The Law introduced the rights and guarantees for citizens to request public information from public authorities.
  10. Development of the Theory of administrative services and the preparation of the Concept of administrative services system reform (approved by the Government in 2006). Assistance in creation of pilot Centers for Providing Administrative Services in several cities in Ukraine. Active participation in the preparation of the draft Law “On administrative services” which was adopted in 2012. The Law initiated the client-oriented approach in provision of administrative services (granting licenses, permits, certificates) by public authorities to individuals and companies.
  11. Participation in drafting the Administrative Procedure Code which has been waiting for its approval since 2008. In 2012 the draft of the code was sent again to the Verkhovna Rada by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
  12. Development of the draft Code of Administrative Offenses and policy papers necessary for reforming the institute of administrative responsibility.
  13. Participation in the development of Concept of administrative-territorial reform and necessary draft laws.
  14. Active participation in drafting the new Code of Criminal Procedure and the draft Law “On legal aid” adopted in 2012. The Code and the Law are replacing the Soviet criminal procedure by the contemporary human-right-oriented approach to criminal investigation.
  15. Preparation of Green and White Papers on constitutional reform in Ukraine.
  16. Active participation in improvement of legislation on freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of associations, including draft Laws “On public associations” (adopted in 2012) and “On peaceful assemblies” (pending in Verkhovna Rada).
  17. Participation in development and advocating for consideration and adoption by Verkhovna Rada of the Law “On prosecution office” of October 14, 2014. This Law introduces European standards of criminal prosecution and the status of attorney-general as contrast to former Soviet prosecution system.
  18. Struggling against unconstitutional Law “On national referendum of Ukraine” adopted in 2012. Development of a new draft Law “On nationwide referendum of Ukraine”, which has been pending in Verkhovna Rada.
  19. Continuous efforts aimed at intensification of combatting corruption in Ukraine with special emphasis on participation in development of anti-corruption legislation and conducting anti-corruption expertise of draft Laws and Laws.
  20. Assistance in National Police formation; participation in development of the Law “On National Police” from 2015, participation in shortlisting of police officers. Development of the Law “On State Investigation Bureau” and advocacy campaign for its adoption (November 12, 2015). Participating in its implementation.
  21. In 2016 the Government launched reform of ministries aimed at putting policy analysis and strategic planning into effect. This reform had been advocated by the CPLR since 2005, now Centre is actively working on its actual implementation.